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Shower room design

Choosing the right shower can be seem tricky, but with a few pointers in the right direction, we can help you to find the right shower for you. We recommend you start by identifying what type of water system you have in your home, so you can choose a suitable shower. Below is a short guide on how to choose the right shower and system for you. If you have other questions then simply call us, or drop into our Guildford showroom.

Mixer showers
Mixer showers take water from both your hot and cold water supplies. Mixer showers generally flow faster than electric showers and you can make the flow more forceful by adding a pump. They mix the hot and cold to reach the right temperature. Digital mixer showers are accurate for temperature control. Mixer showers are ideal for homes with plenty of hot water.

Power showers

Power showers work in the same way as mixer showers (they combine water from the cold and hot supplies). However power showers require either a pressurised water system such as a combination boiler or a mega flow or they require their own pump if your house runs off a gravity fed system (i.e. you have an airing cupboard and water tank). It's a complicated area so be sure to ask a qualified installer for the correct advice or pop in an see us of course at our Guildford showroom

Thermostatic showers

Most showers these days are thermostatic. We rarely sell any other type. Why? Well for safety firstly, as thermostatic showers have a thermostat built in which means any fluctuation in the water supply (washing machine usage, garden hose etc) does not mean a suddenly scalding hot shower. The thermostat will regulate the flows and ensure your water is delivered at the temperature that the valve has been set at. You should always look for a WRAS approved product (which is like the modern day kitemark for water products tested by the Water Research Assocation) Any quality independent retail showroom will only sell this type of product, inferior products sold on the mass produced internet market places are unlikely to have such warranties.

Electric showers

Electric showers take water from the mains cold water supply. They heat the water by passing it over a heating element inside the shower (similar to a kettle). When you shower, you don’t use up any stored hot water. A general rule is the higher its kilowatt rating, the better an electric shower. If the kilowatt rating is higher than 9.5kw, you may need a new electrical cable.

Shower enclosures

From sliding door and walk-in showers to quadrant enclosures, Surrey Bathrooms have a wealth of stylish shower options. With so many shower enclosures on the market it’s difficult to choose the one that’s right for your bathroom space. 

Thickness of glass

Manufacturers sell shower enclosures based on the thickness of the glass. As a basic guide, 4mm or 6mm is the entry level type of product sold on the internet or in the larger Shed outlets. A true quality designer enclosure is either 8 and 10mm adding weight and a quality feel to the product. But which to choose? Well, showering in an 8mm unit feels more cut off from the world than in  4mm. But, generally the thicker the glass the higher the price.

Which shower enclosure is best?
There are many good manufacturers of shower screens We recommend, if you can, always is go for a established brand. Parts and replacements are much easier to get hold of down the line. Investment in the best shower enclosure you can afford will always be a good idea - buy cheap and you may regret it further down the line.
Surrey Bathroom Studio offer premium products from companies such as Roman Showers, Kudos Showering or Merlyn. All these brands carry lifetime guarantees and have added qualities such as easy clean glass treatment making limescale removal easier

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