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Created with love...

A bath you want to stay in until your toes wrinkle. A shower with perfect, skin tingling pressure. Bathrooms you will love.  That’s the Surrey Bathroom Studio secret.


We don’t just supply bathrooms - we deliver the best product, the best service and the best value - with love and care. With over twenty five years in bathrooms, we’re proud to offer the service of an old fashioned family business. 

We will help you with design, advise you on the latest trends and guide you through the whole process from start to finish. 

Old fashioned service we are proud of...

 "When I opened the showroom I wanted it to represent the very best. Both in designs and value for money. Products that I understood from my market experience. I appreciate that not one design fits all, that's why I was determined to cover all bases for our customers. With a range of styles and, equally importantly, a range of budgets. We are proud to offer an old fashioned service. Talk to me, or any member of the team, and you get factual, sensible advice. Advice built on years of industry knowledge."

Martin - Surrey Bathroom Studio

Meet The Team

Aaron from Surrey Bathroom Studio


Boss man and general bathroom guru

Emma from Surrey Bathroom Studio


Chief Organiser!

Sophie from Surrey Bathroom Studio


Designer, whippet, likes food

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