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Replacing a bath with a shower

We are often asked about swapping out a bath with a shower, often to make things more accessible for people as they get older.

Shower trays come in a sizes of 100 mm increments. Most baths are 1700 or 1800 mm in length so a typical exchange would involve a 1700 mm x 760 or 800 mm shower tray. Shower trays are made from a solid stone base with an easy to clean acrylic cap surface and just 25 or 35 mm in height. You lay the tray on top of the floor joists and then tile up to the shower tray which when considering there is typically 12 mm of floor tile and a adhesive layer usually means you can have just a minimal step into the showering area.

Alternatively you can fit a wetroom showering area which in turn means you can tile the showering area and have a perfectly level floor with the rest of the bathroom (see our posts on wetroom separately for advice on this subject)

Shower trays typically are white in colour and the acrylic cap whilst quite non slip as standard can be made even more so by applying a textured non slip coating to the acrylic cap.

Then of course is the glass. We recommend leaving a 500 mm walk in minimum space between the wall and the glass if fitting into a recess. If it is to be open ended, you might want to consider a flipper panel which secures to the main glass panel and pivots into the showering space providing more protection from splash whilst showering.

Image courtesy of Kudos Showering whom we are a leading stockist in the Surrey and Guildford areas

Walk In Shower Panels
Kudos Showering

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