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Bathroom lighting? Surrey Bathrooms have the inspiration you need.

Good bathroom lighting can change the look and feel of a bathroom at the flick of a switch. It can make the difference between a good bathroom and a stunning one. First you will need to assess your bathroom lighting needs: When do you use the bathroom? How much natural daylight is there?  Do you want mood bathroom lighting? Which features do you want to enhance? Where will need brighter lighting to see clearly? Here are a few tips for starters, but this is where our team at Surrey Bathrooms can really add value to your project design. They know their product and can help you to make the right choices of bathroom lighting.  

Choosing modern or traditional bathroom lighting...

it is important that you choose the right style of lighting to suit your bathroom suite. We have everything from modern and up-to-date suites to a range of more classic and antique style of bathroom suite. And we have modern bathroom lighting and traditional bathroom lighting to match. 

Traditional bathroom lighting

Our traditonal styles especially suit an older property. Pick traditional bathroom lighting that reflects the character of the room. This doesn’t mean the room has to feel dark, you can always use a bright, modern bulb in an elegant fitting.

Modern bathroom lighting

For contemporary bathrooms, you can choose a designer light. But for a truly modern look, take time to recess lights into the ceiling or walls. Bright is better to show off the clean lines of the suite, but you can always add a dimmer switch to create a more relaxing mood. 

Spot lights for the bathroom

A popular choice, bathroom spotlights are perfect for focussing light in particular areas of your bathroom. They can also be angled to give you extra light where you need it most. Perfect for near your mirror or to showcase key features and ideal for en-suites, where there is often no external window. 

Bathroom mirror/shaver lights

Most of us need extra light for shaving or applying make-up. Using additional lighting around (or even build into) your mirror is the perfect solution. These can often be used separately from your main bathroom lighting.

Specific bathroom lighting

It is important that your lighing is designed for the bathroom. And that it is fitted by an electrician that knows what they are doing. Check that the IP rating of the fitting is appropriate for the use.  If you have any questions at all, then ask any one of us at Surrey Bathrooms. We are always happy to help.

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