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Perfect family bathrooms for all spaces

Just like families, our bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. At Surrey Bathrooms we understand that more than anyone. That’s why, when you are planning your family bathroom space we make sure that we take a little time to assess your individual needs. And that's not just something we say. It's important to make sure that we get it right for you, right from the start. With a bit of thought and the right design, you can ensure that you create the perfect family bathroom for everyone. And because we supply only the finest quality, you can guarantee that it will suit your needs - now and into the future.

Use your imagination

With a bit of imagination, even an awkward bathroom space can achieve your needs. Take a look at the bathrooms through our Bathroom Design page to see how we have made our customers dream bathrooms happen in the most unlikely places! Showers can be designed in smaller bathrooms – even with sloping ceilings meaning you can have both bath and shower for everyone’s needs, even in the tightest of spots.

Compact Solutions

Big families sometimes have to cope with small bathrooms. Maybe you’re squeezing a second bathroom in to ease the pressure on the house? We have ranges that are compactly designed yet beautifully functional. Toilets for tight spaces, basins that squeeze into a corner, shower baths and furniture that can be combined to optimise your space. 

Safety is paramount

You never had to really consider bathroom safety. Then children come along. When you are looking at bathroom design and products, we make sure you take this into account. We have everything from bathrooms with rounded edges, to mixer taps and shower fittings with thermostatic controls, to help prevent scalds and burns.

Family bathrooms are filled with fun, toiletries and clutter. Here at Surrey bathrooms we are on a mission to keep that clutter organized. Martin has sourced some of the best furniture ranges available. To help you to organise your space without dominating your bathroom. And our range of wall-high storage solutions keep things well out of the reach of small hands.

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