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Installation of your new bathroom

As a business we supply around forty to fifty bathrooms in any given month. Around sixty percent of those we either install or sub contract install the fitting work. The remaining 40 percent clients have their own installers.

As a business we are only too happy to work alongside clients own installers providing the same close working relationships, technical expertise and problem solving as we would if the job was our own. It's all part of our very unique family firm service.

It is the one topic that consumers seem the most concerned over. If you use a reputable installer you should have nothing to worry about. Try and find one that is multi skilled or at the very least capable of bringing all the necessary trades together. After all you don't want to be tasked with trying to find your own electrician or a decorator to finish the job


We are happy to provide a fitting quotation for your work if required. Please note we only install products supplied and designed by the firm.

Here is some of our previous work for clients, and be sure to check out our reviews section on this website.

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