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How to create a spa style bathroom

Statistics show that one in three of us consider a bath or shower to be the most relaxing way to end the day. And we all dream of a bathroom with amenities on par with those at our favorite spa.  So we have put together a few tips and tricks to help you to achieve this. They will get you started on your ideal bathroom. Bur for more spa bathroom ideas, come to the Surrey bathrooms showroom and you will be inspired by our bathroom displays. We have whirlpool baths and Jacuzzi bathtubs – to make that end-of-day soak even more special. If you prefer a shower, then we have plenty of options. Think steam showers and cabinets, massaging body jets and more…

Jacuzzi baths

A long soak in a whirlpool bath - the perfect way to end the day. We stock whirlpool baths and accessories from the most trusted and reliable manufacturers. In any shape or design, from whirlpool corner baths and whirlpool shower baths, they fit into your space, no matter how big (or small). We also have cutting edge innovation including touch technology, remote control features, adjustable jets, gel headrests, bathroom sound systems and much more.

Steam and drench

There are many shower options to create your spa style bathroom. How about a rainfall showerhead? They're softer, making each shower feel like a special occasion, not an obligation. It doesn't have to be a big investment. Of course, if you really want to go to town, then our shower towers and steam cabinets are the ultimate in spa-style luxury.

Creating the perfect spa bathroom

One of the most important considerations in a spa style bathroom is the lughting. You can have the all the perfect spa features you want, but ultra-bright overhead lights will kill the atmosphere. There are several ways to tackle this. Install a dimming switch and you immediately turn harsh lights into sensual mood lighting. But we also have a host of stunning LED mood lighting. Placed cleverly it can give a real ambiance to your space and can be used with sensors to turn on when you enter the bathroom.

Spa bathroom storage

Any self respecting spa comes with a range of toiletries. But to keep the spa ambience, simplicity and minimalism is key. Our bathroom furniture ranges mean that this doesn’t have to be an issue. Our under-sink storage and discreet wall cabinets will help you to organise your space without dominating your bathroom. Find out more about our bathroom storage here.

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