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Heating your bathroom with underfloor heating

We are often asked what is the best way to heat a bathroom without the need of a conventional style radiator. Clients understandably are looking for the designer feel with their heating requirements - something a traditional style radiator often doesn't achieve but still needing the warmth within the bathroom. The most favourable option is an underfloor heating pack. Nearly every bathroom we supply now includes one (these typically cost between £200 and £300 depending upon the size required) and is super cheap to run. An average bathroom size of say 4 square metres would be around £3.00 per day if you run it for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. The kits are fully programmable to allow you to adjust temperature and times and days that you wish to run it and you can even run it remotely from an app on your phone. There are various suppliers on the market and we tend to use the premium brand Devi, who are leaders in their field and supply kits between 1 and 10 square metres - enough variation for every bathroom.

The kits are supplied on a roll out mat and can be installed under tiling, laminate flooring or even carpet. A floor installation is laid and then a screed over the top of the kit before you tile or lay your flooring. Installation is simple and the electrical feed required is often just a spur from a plug socket nearby and would be undertaken by your electrician.

We often supply kits not just for the bathroom. For example there is nothing quite like climbing out of your bed on a cold morning and feeling the gently warmed floor. Underfloor heating kits transform your home into a cosy bolthole that you will never want to leave in the colder months. The warmth from the floors radiates up through your room, keeping it the perfect temperature – never too hot or too cold.

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