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Wet Rooms versus Shower Trays

We are often asked about the benefits of wetroom systems over conventional shower trays. For many years a quality wetroom system was prohibitively expensive to buy. However over the last few years the cost of the wetroom package has fallen dramatically and a quality system is now in bathroom budget for many consumers.

So what are the differences? A wetroom system will consist of a 'former' which is essentially a tray that sits into the floor with a built in 'fall' for the drainage. Be wary of inferior products - always ensure it has CE approval credentials and comes with a complete tanking kit and waste. Remember that the walls should be tanked as well as the floor and when installed by a qualified installer ensures a completely water tight wetroom area.

There are different waste systems available. A conventional square waste has a 90mm drainage system and a metal cover in either chrome or brushed steel. A tileable waste is a popular variant and allows the installer to tile the cover to create that blended look. At the top end of the options are the linear wastes (see image below)

Wetrooms; Jackoboard; Abacus Elements
Wetroom Linear Shower Tray

When installed and tiled you have a seamless design bringing the tile colours into play across the whole room.

A shower tray on the other hand will invariably be white and whilst a cost effective solution will not give that 'wow' factor that our clients often beseech.

There are many videos on You Tube about wetrooms and the installation of. It is essential that you find a qualified installer to fit your new wetroom system.

At Surrey Bathroom Studio we use two main suppliers for these type of products, Abacus Elements and the leading German supplier Jackoboard.

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