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Wall niches

Google wall niches in bathrooms and its clearly an on trend bathroom subject

So what is a wall niche, and how can you incorporate them into a design?

Basically it is a recess set into typically a shower wall or above a bath and then tiled providing a practical space for storage of shower bottles etc.

You can really bring your bathroom design alive by adding a mood light into the niche, even coloured lighting if you like!

It is easier to make the wall niche into a stud wall. What size and shape is up to you but we usually suggest making the size of a tile, so typically 300mm x 600mm and this in turn then allows you to create some design creativity by perhaps backing the niche with the same tile colour as you are using on say your floor, bringing design synergy into the bathroom space.

I have attached a video of a bathroom we designed, supplied and installed to help you visualize what I mean. And of course if you have any questions or just want some free advice do not hesitate in giving us a call or popping into our Guildford showroom just 30 minutes outside London and in the heart of Surrey.


Surrey Bathroom Studio, Guildford.

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