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Types of showers

Many of our clients ask what type of shower is the best for use and longevity. In reality, these days, as long as you are purchasing from a good source avoiding the cheap and inferior type of product sold on the internet or often at the DIY centres you can't go far wrong. Always ensure that the product has a good warranty. We often have ten years plus from most of our suppliers and then its just down to making sure the shower you choose is compatible with your water system (we will always check and advise this for you) along with the ascetical aspects you are looking for.

"Look for a good warranty period on your shower. It will get lots of use during its lifetime so has to be up to the job. Most UK suppliers provide warranties with ten year plus periods and have stocks and back up for essential parts such as the thermostats in the event you need to change one down the line" The four main types of showers are as follows:

1) Thermostatic with on / off control These can be used on both pressurised and non pressurised systems i.e. combination boiler and conventional cold fed hot water storage tank respectively.

Vado Go Click Thermostatic Shower

Products such as the Flova "Go Click" on the left have a fully thermostatic cartridge to act as a safety device and ensure that the supplied flow always remains at the set temperature. The ambient factory temperature is set to 38 degrees and can be adjusted hotter or colder depending upon how you like your shower. The two buttons - "Go Click" are diverters to change the flow between a handset or overhead shower.

2) Manual Shower

Like the thermostatic models the manual shower is suitable for both pressurised and non pressured systems. They also have diverters to switch the flow but crucially you are manually mixing the temperature to the desired level. For this reason we do not recommend them for everyday showering and often use them for the filling of a bath (via a bath filler) and operating maybe a handheld shower over the bath for hair washing.

3) Digital showers Newer to the market are the digital type of shower. Often for the tech savy! Some models look like the modern technology we use daily with our smart phones and basically do the same as a thermostatic shower with a bit more style!

Crucially with this type of shower is choosing the correct model. They come in both a pumped and non pumped version. Therefore if you have a combination boiler or a mega flow in your home then your system is already under pressure (pumped) and you would therefore need the un-pumped version of this shower. You cannot put a pumped version onto a pressured system as it will fail and not be covered under warranty. Vado produce the Sensori SmartTouch model shown left but Aqualisa and Mira are also well known established brands for digital showers. The Vado model has a divertor for overhead and hand held showers as well as both flow control and temperature control.

4) Electric showers The final type of shower is an electric shower. An electric shower has an integral element and heats a cold water feed as it passes through delivering the heated water to the shower head. They too can have a divertor so you have both a handheld shower and a rain shower head but typically they deliver far less pressure than any of the above systems so are not always a popular choice as they fail to give that rain shower experience that people are often craving.

For details or further information on any of the above feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help.

For more information or a showroom appointment then please contact us on or via phone 01483 671210

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