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Radiators and Heated Towel Rails

Updated: May 28, 2021

Part of the finishing touches for your bathroom will inevitably include a stylish radiator to serve as both a practical source of heat plus an ascetically pleasing addition to your finished room. We have noticed over the past few years that suppliers are embracing design over the older, conventionally styled 'ladder rail' towel rails. Colours are a common request from our clients and many of clients offer bespoke RAL colours, allowing your to pick from a RAL colour chart much the same way that you can pick a paint tone / hue for your room.

"Many suppliers now offer a bespoke painting service for their heated towel rails allowing you to choose from RAL colour chart. This is great when bringing your bathroom to life with its design features"

Of course a heated towel rail needs to both heat the room and provide the ability to dry your towels. Don't forget that when you load your towel rail with big, family bath towels then any heat output will be negated. Questions to ask yourself when considering what type of towel rail you require should include: 1 - Is it the primary heat source for the room? If so then consider using a BTU calculator to work out what heat output you need for the size of room its for. These are readily available online or of course we can advise you what you need.

2- Do you want the product to work off the hot water system or be what's known as 'duel fuel'. This basically means that it also has an electrical element allowing you use the product independently of the water system so in the summer or warmer times when you don't have the heating on you can still dry your towels. These type of elements also work on a timer so you can set it for say two hours in the morning enough time for the family to use the bathroom and then the product will switch off automatically.

"Duel fuel kits allow the product to work off the electric meaning it can be used when the heating is not on. Useful during the summer months"

Over the past few years suppliers have really gone to town with their designs understanding that the heated towel is more than just a product to heat a room.

We use a variety of suppliers, and can always find just the perfect piece but a good source of inspiration are the products from the DQ ranges, which can be found on our website link:

For more information or a showroom appointment then please contact us on or via phone 01483 671210

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