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Installation services

The key part to your new bathroom service after the design and produce choices is who and how your products are installed. As bathroom installers ourselves, we have over thirty five years combined experienced in not only how things go together but importantly the smaller details which really make the final installation look and feel like the bathroom in a luxury hotel. We work alongside a number of carefully vetted, tried and tested bathroom installers. These installers only work on jobs provided by Surrey Bathroom Studio so you can be sure that there is a completely joined up approach when it comes to your project. The installers however will use our plans and designs and consult with you about what you want them to undertake and provide you a completely costed, fixed price for your installation and if you decide to commission them you will pay them directly for their element of the works and us separately for your products.

Our installation colleagues can undertake all aspects of installation works including of course the actual plumbing elements and on top of all this, even build and construct rooms, remove internal walls to create bigger spaces, the decorating, plastering, electrical works and anything else required! Note that they will only install products supplied by ourselves and will politely decline the installation works if you choose to source your products elsewhere. Peter Sobas - Independent installer undertaking all work himself. Multi-faceted individual with an exceptional eye for detail. Has been working alongside Surrey Bathroom Studio in Guildford for over five years.

Luxury Bathrooms - Run by and owned by Damian, this firm is a big favourite of customers who are wanting work undertaken at fairly short notice. Damian is often known to accommodate shorter lead times as he has a team of installers working for him. Damian is also hands on and oversees each and every job in person.

Peter and Adam - Peter and Adam are work colleagues who often team up together to expedite jobs. One of them will always lead your project and be your main point of contact. A really talented pair of individuals who have a great eye for design and finish. Adam is also a qualified heating engineer so if a job is in need of a new heating solution such as a mega flow or a combination boiler these are the go to guys.

Note: we have nine installation teams in total and do not have 'favourites'. Each team is involved with our business and are known to our owners personally and therefore always come with our full endorsement of what they do. There is no financial connection to our business and we never give one job to more than one installer, preferring to pick a suitable installer for your work based on a) type of job involved b) timeframes for both installer and customer c) clients location. There is no obligation to use one of our installation partners but please note that the installation partner will not accept your work if you subsequently decide to go elsewhere to buy your products. This is simply because our products and work is guaranteed along with producing your design, quotations and making sure you get the best service for your home.

For details or further information on any of the above feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help.

For more information or a showroom appointment then please contact us on or via phone 01483 671210

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